Annual Sandhill Crane Count

From the NBHC AZ/NM Birds (aznmbirds) Digest Wed, 07 Jan 2015:

The annual Sandhill Crane count for Sulphur Springs Valley.  The count is coordinated by Jim Heffelfinger with both staff and volunteers counting.  The “rough” total is close to 19,000 cranes with around 15,000 at Whitewater Draw.  That total may increase by 1-2,000 when the totals are finalized for the Willcox area.  The numbers are down relative to prior years, but the numbers are still spectacular!

Happy birding,
Homer Hansen
Willcox/Tucson, AZ

EOP Walk needs tour leaders

Tour leaders needed for Sunday morning bird walks at the Sierra Vista Environmental Operations Park! 
These walks take about 3 hours. You do not need to be a birding “expert” since most of the people who attend know quite a lot about birds and only want the ability to get inside the EOP fence. The main duties are to get people to sign the waiver form, unlock and lock the gates, make sure people stay on the paths, and create a bird list for the tour. Training is minimal and will be provided at your convenience. Please contact Dutch Nagle ( or 378-7229) if you can help out.


Climate change threatens many native bird species


Will Baird’s Sparrow still return to southeastern Arizona in the future?




Check out Audubon’s new report on birds and climate change and learn what you can do to help:


And visit the National Audubon Society Facebook page below to get involved!

Note: entering CBC tallies in eBird

Just a reminder that eBird has guidelines for the entry of data from your Christmas Bird Count efforts that are somewhat different from the guidelines for day to day eBirding.  Of particular note is that generally CBC checklists should be mapped to a personal location specific to the sector that you covered rather than in eBird hotspots.

Also note that eBird and CBC have very different guidelines for calculating the distance that you enter in. You can include your CBC-style effort data in the checklist note space while entering the eBird-style effort data in the eBird effort data boxes.

Details here: